Cabins zone


Cabins zone
Cabins zone 2-person room
Cabins zone 4-person room
Cabins zone 6-person room


The Cabins zone are single-family European-style lodges with yards. They are located next to the forest trails and nestled in the dense forest and surrounded by the singing of birds. Here you can enjoy the phytoncide filled air and the ecological landscape of nature. Leave behind all the worldly hustle and bustle and worries outside the park, and cherish the fond memories and natural experiences that follow. your stay here.


Room Amenities

2. water dispenser (situated by the door) for warm and hot water
3. desk and vanity mirror
4. separate shower in bathroom
5.toiletries: shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush cup (for environmental protection and waste reduction, towels, toothbrushes, shower caps, razors and bottled water are not provided).
6. hair dryer, slippers, floor
7. warm and comfortable beddings
8. feather quilt
9. wall fan
10.Wi-Fi Wireless Internet accessprovided. (However, service may not be stable owe to the location)

*The layout for the same room type is slightly different, and shall be allocated according to actual situation on the site. Changes may be made without prior notice.