Tickets and Park Information

Address No. 153, Da'an Rd., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County
Visitor Center Telephone +886-49-2974511(service hours: 8:00 a.m.~17:00 p.m.)
Visitor Center Fax 049-2974513
Restaurant Information Meal Reservation Hotline: 049-2974988; Fax: 049-2974990
Service Hours: Breakfast - 7:00~9:00; Lunch 11:30~15:00; Dinner 17:30~19:00.
Price: breakfast: NT$100, breakfast Set - NT$230; lunch box- NT$ 200 (includes eco-friendly tableware).
full course meal: 4-5 servings--NT$1250; 6-7 servings--NT$1750; 8 servings--NT$2500; 10 servings --NT$3000, NT$4000.
**********vegetarian meals  available*********
Park Hours 8:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m
(Closed on Chinese New Year Eve; accommodation services are closed on Chinese New Year Eve and the night before Chinese New Year Eve).
Parking Fees Large vehicle--NT$100; sedan--NT$100; motorcycles--NT$100; scooters--NT$20.
Cleaning and Maintenance Fees (Admission Ticket) Category Price  
Holiday Non-discounted Ticket NT$200 general adults who do not qualify for any discount
General Discount NT$150
  1. non-holiday admission
  2. Those who take public transportation must show the ticket stub
  3. those who purchase 20 or more tickets
50% Discount NT$100
  1. those with military or police ID.
  2. students (with student ID), children (7-12 years old).
  3. those with family of deceased Civil Servant Certificate
  4. those with Substitute Civilian Serviceman ID.
  5. those with proof of Nantou County residency.
Special Discount NT$10
  1. those aged sixty-five years old or above with proof of age
  2. children (3~6 years old)
  3. elementary school students on school led field trip during non-holidays the teacher-in-charge must show official letter issued by the school
  4. Tourist guides licensed by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Free Admission  
  1. those with visible physical disability or who hold a Disability Certificate and their  companion
  2. those with volunteer Service Honor Card
  3. indigenous people whose household registration is registered in Ren'ai Township and who present proof of indigenous identity are exempt from admission and parking fees
  4. civil servants visiting the recreation area on official business, and who have documents showing proof of the official business
  5. Children (0~2 years old, must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult).
  6. All levels of legislators, volunteer police, volunteer firefighter, member of civil defense units who must enter the recreation area for business purpose, and who have relevant documents.
  7. Villagers living near the Forest Recreation Area who must pass the area for their forestry or agricultural tasks may be admitted free by showing their national ID card.
  8. employees of agencies (organizations), private business or groups working inside the area
  9. Outside personnel who must enter the area on business must show document of proof
*The above fees are for reference only. Actual fees shall be based on the on-site announcement.