Green Resort Village


Green Resort Village
Green Resort Village 2-person room
Green Resort Village 4-person room


The Green Resort Village is located at the left rear of the Visitor Center and faces a wide expanse of grassland. In autumn, the pines gradually turn bright and fiery red, and set off against the white wall and green tiled buildings, they fill the autumn and winter seasons of Aowanda with the rich style of northern countries. Leave behind the dust and worries of the world outside the park, and experience the kaleidoscope of seasonal fiesta.


Room Amenities

2. A water dispenser is situated at the front door to provide cold, warm and hot water.
3. desk and vanity mirror
4. bathroom, with wet and dry separation
5.toiletries: Wall mounted shower gel, wall mounted shampoo, toothbrush cup (For environmental protection and waste reduction, towels, toothbrushes, shower caps, razors and bottled water are not provided)
6. hair dryer, slippers, mat
7. warm and comfortable beddings
8. feather quilt
9. wall fan
10.Wi-Fi Wireless Internet access accessprovided. (However, service may not be stable owe to the location.)

(The rooms in Meadow Villa are on the first and second floors. For elderly guests or those with limited mobility who need first floor accommodation, please contact the Visitor Center after completing the room reservation.)
*The layout for the same room type is slightly different, and shall be allocated according to actual situation on the site. Changes may be made without prior notice.