Questions about Online Reservation

Online room reservation flow chart


Join the membership--------←   |                         
         ↑                              Non-members

Member login --------- ↑
Online reservation ---------  ------
           ↓                                                                   ↑
Book now                                                                ↑
           ↓                                                                   ↑
Select the booking date                                         ↑
Agree to the reservation requirements  → Do not agree to thereservation requirements
Confirm the date of stay and the number of room types  ----------------- ↑ 
           ↓                                                                                                        ↑
Fill in the verification code                                                                          ↑
           ↓                                                                                                        ↑
Confirm the reservation information and payment method →Re-select the number of room types
Send the order
Payment information
Reservations are complete


1. To pay after reserving rooms--Please pay with a valid credit card to the account number and amount specified in the invoice. Do not combine payment for different invoices. Please pay within the payment period (within three days of the reservation). Reservations will be automatically cancelled by the system if payment is overdue.
2. Online credit card payment--This method of payment is recommended. You can quickly complete the reservation and payment process, and check your reservation in the booking records (it will show payment received). If you have completed payment but your reservation is cancelled, please keep your remittance receipt and contact the Visitor Center as soon as possible (Tel. 049-2974511).
3. Please keep your payment receipt and a print copy of your reservation to present at the ticket booth in the recreation area.
4. Aowanda Visitor Center Telephone: 049-2974511.

1. If you wish to reserve a room online, first log in as a member. All who wish to book online must first join in as a member.
2. Members can click " Online Room Reservation" → "Book Room Now".