Pulan Market

  The "Maple's Hometown" of Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area is located in Qin'ai Village in Ren'ai Township of Nantou County. It is a maple viewing hotspot and tourist attraction in Taiwan, and is also a traditional residential area of the indigenous peoples. To create a diversified and high-quality tourism environment and drive the overall development of neighboring tribes, the Nantou Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau prioritized the launch of the Pulan Market in November 19, 2016. The market is set up in the Songlin settlement of Qin'ai Village in Ren'ai Towanship, and is named after its namesake, Pulan, the former name of the s Songlin settlement. After enjoying sceneries of the maple in Aowanda, visitors can stop by the market to admire the traditional weaving culture of the local Sedek tribe, shop for feature products from the tribe and experience both an intellectual and sensory trip.

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