Visitor Reminders

Keep Awanda green, Recycling and reducing waste are valued in this recreation area to protect the environment and here wildlife. Thank you for your cooperation!

1. The opening hour for the park is from 8 am to 5 pm. Please comply with the hours.
2. Please stay on the trail and take note of warning signs. Keep away from dead wood. Climbing trees, crossing over guardrails and crossing boundaries are prohibited to ensure your safety.
3. Hornets are very active in the autumn. Please avoid wearing bright clothes and do not use perfume or other strong scents. Stay alert for hornet colonies and do not disturb a hive.
4. Smoking is strictly banned in this forest recreation area in accordance with the announcements of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. Offenders can be fined up to NT$10,000.
5. River trekking, swimming, playing in the water or rock picking are prohibited to prevent drowning. Camping, barbecuing and cooking on open fire are prohibited to prevent forest fires.
6. Picking or breaking flowers or plants, capturing wild animals or damaging park facilities is prohibited.
7. To of the, environment, do not litter or make loud noises.
8. Please keep your valuables with you. The parking lot of the park shall not be responsible for safekeeping or bear any liability for compensation.
9. Nantou County is currently an epidemic control area for rabies. To protect the safety of your pets and prevent cross-infection with wild animals, pets are not allowed in this park. Please cooperate.
10. The Visitor Center provides various services such as tourist information, baby stroller and wheelchair loan, public announcement and visitor feedback. Visitors are welcome to use the services. Service telephone: (049) 297-4511
11. This park is located at an altitude of about l200 meters. Average annual temperature is about 19°C. The highest average temperature is in July (28°C), and the temperature is lower between December to February of the following year (about 11-12°C). Visitors are reminded to dress warmly.